The Hardest Part

Producer | Director | Writer
This short film is a story of getting sick, not knowing what’s wrong and getting through the hardest part. Eve's debut film was selected as a finalist at Tropfest, the largest short film festival in the world.  She also received the Best Actress Award.

Tropfest NY 2013 Finalist Film
Tropfest NY 2013 Best Actress


Eve is an actress, writer, and filmmaker born in Philadelphia and based in Los Angeles and New York.  After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College and performing lots of off and off-off Broadway theatre, she received a fellowship to obtain her MFA at The Old Globe/University of San Diego. There she was one of a select class of seven specializing in mostly classical theatre.  Since then she has worked in NY & LA theatres, film, and television.

For three years she was the spokesperson for Optimum Business, working on numerous commercials and radio spots, proudly contributing to the success of a small business advertising campaign.

In 2013 she won a Best Actress Award, at the Tropfest film festival, for her first short film, The Hardest Part, which she produced, wrote, and directed.

Outside of the industry, in her free time, she has worked with the non-profit organization Educated Choices Program, rescued dogs, played the clarinet, read a lot, and written for

She treasures being an artist, is an exercise enthusiast, avid yoga practitioner, a vegan, a cook, and a lover of good stories and their ability to transform the human condition. She deeply loves and respects all animals, with her dearly loved and departed Boo Radley, always in the forefront of her memory.


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HEADSHOTS (Photos by James DePietro & Deborah Lopez)

TROPFEST NY/ NYLA Internat'l. Film Festival

ON CAMERA:  Pooched, Reason, Dark Sources, Heyday, The Hardest Part, Same Deep Water as You, Meet Pete, and Behind the Scenes

THEATRE:  Uncle Vanya, Boxing Lessons, The Trip Back Down, Cold Sweat, 4Play, The Body Politic, Construction of the Human Heart



Uncle Vanya - The New American Theatre, LA

"Eve Danzeisen plays Sónya, Professor Serebryakov’s grown daughter from his first marriage and Vanya’s niece. Great in both the relatively light-hearted beginning and the complex emotions as the play progresses, she captures Sonya’s simplicity, her wise tenderness and sincerity".... »read the article

Boxing Lessons - The New American Theatre, LA

LA Times: 'Boxing Lessons delivers mayhem and plot twists in a one-two punch...The fine cast delves deeply into potentially surface characters, navigating Bunzel’s wild plot twists like kids on a carnival ride"... »read the article

"… Family dysfunction at its weirdest and wildest, directed by Jack Stehlin with razor-sharp precision and performed by six of the best (and best-cast) actors in town.” »read the article

4PLay: Sex in a Series- The Actors Company, LA

"Standouts in the exceptional cast are...Eve Danzeisen, "the girlfriend," whose textured performance (and performance within a performance) keeps you guessing while you fall in love with her..." »read the article

The Trip Back Down- Whitefire Th., LA

"Danzeisen’s Joann, who melds into him, impressively reflecting every shifting dynamic in their relationship..."»read the article

"Eve Danzeisen, who plays Joanne, Bobby’s wife, is nearly as powerful. In their extended scenes, the production aspires to greatness.."read the review »

Eyeforfilm Interview

"In conversation with Best Actor Eve Danzeisen..."»read the article

Buried Words - NYC  Int'l. Fringe Festival

“...and Eve Danzeisen, as girly Abbey, are outstanding. They deliver Vastola's thoughtful dialogue with arresting clarity while convincingly enacting the characters' frequent shifts in age.” read the review »

“The cast brings edginess to the material...Eve Danzeisen displays complexity as the favored child of abusive parents.” read the review »

The Body Politic - 59E59 Theaters, NYC

Eve Danzeisen’s Trish is an ingénue with backbone, a soldier on the front. To the actress’s credit, both Trish’s attraction to Spencer, and later an ethical quandary, appear to be not only verbally but visibly against her better judgment. The tightly wound character is played with effective restraint.  When Trish let’s go, the humor of Danzeisen’s physical acting shines.” read the review »

Eve Danzeisen sparkles as Trish, finding shading and passion in a character constructed of attitudes and slogans.” read the review »

“…Boston and Eve Danzeisen, as Spence and Trish, are earnest and appealing, and often funny…The production comes through…with a final scene that is surprising, well played and charming.” read the review »

Danzeisen, in particular, lights up the stage with inextinguishable energy and a knack for physical comedy.”read the review »

Romeo and Hamlet - June Havoc Theatre/Abington Theatre Complex, NYC

" Mercutio is buoyantly impish and a convincingly devoted comrade to lovely Eve Danzeisen's demure Benvolio" read the review »

"...Benvolio (Eve Danzeisen) are world-wise lesbians... the game, consistently delightful performers wisely refrain from overdoing the wordplay." read the review »

The Winter's Tale - The Old Globe, San Diego

"Eve Danzeisen is an adorably rustic daughter, decorating her speeches with grace notes of sighs and tiny growls as she appreciates her prince" read the review »

"...Eve Danzeisen is refreshing as Perdita, more hoyden than hidden princess." read the review »

"As the young lovers Florizel and Perdita, Matt Biedel and Eve Danzeisen take openhearted pleasure in one another...You're not likely to find a better production of "The Winter's Tale" anytime soon."

read the review »

A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Old Globe, San Diego

"Highlights in this production include... some frisky school-kid ardor by Hermia (Eve Danzeisen) and Lysander (Owiso Odera)..." read the review »

"The four young lovers romp their puppyish give and take in traditional fashion, with the girls – Eve Danzeisen and Julie Jesneck –getting the best results." read the review »


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Eve is playing role of Woman in an evening of Stephen Belber's one acts at the Aquila Morong Studio...A woman searches for her ideal in an elusive yachtsman, who compels her on a lonely quest across America to regain his mysterious love.


Played the role of Alice Franklin in the Los Angeles premiere of Cold Sweat..."In Neal Bell's darkly comic drama, Cold Sweat, we meet Alice Franklin, a physician in the early 1970s who begins to question the conventional wisdom of lying to the terminally ill about their condition"...More»


"The addictions of a successful nurse unfold as her younger sister engages in a love affair." Eve is working on her feature film, Dark Sources, after directing and acting in the trailer.


Eve completed her comedic short film, Heyday, in Sept.: "Faith is having an awful day. What if she could make a wrong day right?" Co-produced by Leap First Films and Booster Shot Productions, written, and directed by Eve Danzeisen


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Eve's short film The Hardest Part was selected for the Women's Independent Film Festival and will be screening on Sat. Dec 14th in the 6:00-8:00 Block.  Screening will be followed by Q& A with the directors. For tix and schedule...More»


Eve's short film The Hardest Part was selected for the NYLAIFF and will be screening on Oct. 26th at noon. Screening will be followed by Q& A with the directors.   Seating is limited.  For tix and schedule...More»


Eve performed the role of Angie in this staged reading of Nicholas Pappas original play The Dreams in Which I'm Dying. Produced by Fraggled Productions in association with Aquila Morong Studio....More»


The Hardest Part premiered as one of the 16 finalists in TROPFEST 2013, the largest short film festival in the world on June 22nd in Prospect Park.  She wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film and took home the Best Actress Award...More»


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